Olympic Village, Munich, Germany

Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Munich, Germany, 1972
  • Architectural Work
07 / 1972
Historical building site since 1998 (Olympic park including the Olympic village); Exhibition „Transformations in Modern Architecture“ 1979, Museum of Modern Art New York
Competition 3rd prize
1972 Olympics
Planned and constructed for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the buildings and facilities of the Olympic Village were to be used intensively after the end of the Games themselves. The village was intended to serve as a residential complex after the Olympics and a showcase for modern forms of residential construction and urban planning.

The Olympic Village is a residential area surrounded by greenery, not far from the city centre, with all the facilities needed for 10,000 residents. The three residential arms extending primarily toward the southwest contain some 3,100 residential units and meet at the village centre. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic are separated from one another into a pedestrian level and subterranean vehicle roads.

From the terraces residents can experience more sun and more sky. Though characterised by faraway vistas, direct views of the nearby area are also possible.