Stanisław Wyspiański Museum, Krakau, Poland

    Competition 1st Prize
    Composed of light and shadow

    Stanisław Wyspiański was a versatile universal modernist who is well known in Poland. His paintings, polychrome and stained glass windows are expressive, figural and geometric compositions that are interspersed with floral motifs. The design for the museum encompasses various aspects from Wyspiański's work and takes up the motifs of his artistic works: The result is a multifunctional, linear space that is based on the play of light and shadow and is set in a clear architectural form. A roof garden, an inner courtyard and the surrounding green area, on the other hand, reflect the natural influences in Wyspiański's work.

    The variable exhibition rooms react to the versatility of the art and also allow the right presentation for unusual works, such as the designs for the large stained glass windows. For the first time, the new museum will create a permanent, dedicated location for the collection of Wyspiański's works and the communication of his heritage.