Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, Research Building THINK - Centre for Theoretical and Integrative Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW Dortmund, Germany
  • General Planning
    Performance / Services: 1 - 9
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 1 - 9
10 / 2024
Gross floor area:
11.665 qm
THINK – Re-conceptualising in Bochum
Neuroscience is an established research focus at Ruhr University, the successes of which are to be promoted by suitable premises. For this, a new research location is under development on the former site of the Opel works in Bochum. In the THINK new building, scientists from greatly varying disciplines – ranging from neuro-biology, psychology and computer-aided modelling to philosophy – will investigate common remits.

The central infrastructural elements of the new construction are large-scale devices for imaging, which will be added to by a central computing cluster, and technical, biological and behavioural science laboratories, too. The entire THINK infrastructure will be utilised communally, i.e. staff will collaborate based on projects, not professorships. The research labs, conference rooms and offices are to be grouped around a greenified inner courtyard, providing balance and strengthening communication.