Ulm University, Multidimensional Trauma Sciences

  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 2 - 8
01 / 2024
Gross floor area:
11.950 qm
Mutual success in trauma research

With the research building for multi-dimensional trauma sciences, the University of Ulm pursues its goal of investigating the processes of both damage and regeneration in physical and mental trauma using cross-disciplinary research approaches, in order eventually to develop improved therapeutic concepts for traumatised patients. The scheme profits from the proximity of the university clinic and the Federal Army hospital in Ulm and the direct link between civilian and military trauma research.

The initially compact, cubic building with a gleaming silver metal façade opens up to the green surroundings of the university’s botanical garden with an entrance area towards the east, and a stepped inner courtyard towards the south. In line with research that is inter-disciplinary and communicative in approach, many kinds of rooms grouped around the inner courtyard are planned for seminars and meetings. They complement the laboratories and offices which are arranged according to research field.