Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, Poland, Didactic Science Centre "Workshop of the Copernican Revolution"

Copernicus Science Centre (Centrum Nauki Kopernik), Warsaw, Poland
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 1 - 5
  • Author Supervision
    Performance / Services: 8
Gross floor area:
6.150 qm
Competition 1st prize
Arouse curiosity
The Copernicus Science Center is a building complex on the western bank of the Vistula River in Warsaw, opened in 2010. It is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and has become an important institution for culture, science and education in a short time.

It will now be supplemented by an innovative research building in which the topic of "knowledge transfer" will be researched. "Creativity", "flexibility", "interdisciplinarity" and "energy efficiency" are terms reflected in the shape and form of the new building. The spatial structure of the exterior facade gives the new building a light and innovative character and a unique expression. The semi-transparent coating results in an interesting play of light and shadow. The spatial structure of the building is based on fixed functional modules such as stairs and atriums, communication and sanitary areas as well as rooms for technical infrastructure. The surrounding area is reserved for the organization of laboratories and offices. It is flexible and easy to change to respond to changing user needs.