Dresden Zoological Garden, Germany, Penguin Café

Zoo Dresden GmbH, Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 2 - 9
03 / 2018
Gross floor area:
480 qm
Iconic Awards 2018, Innovative Architecture (Winner)
Ice cream under the ice floe
The Humboldt penguins in the adjacent enclosure provided the name and idea for the visitors’ café at Dresden Zoo. The world they inhabit of iced floes and rocks aided in the black-and-white design of the new building. The basic idea of the design is a bracket-shaped building, which unfolds both its wings towards the zoo, welcoming guests. The plan is for the Pinguin Café to once again become a popular attraction for zoo visitors and to upgrade the area around the existing penguin facilities.

To blend the new building more effectively with the setting, right-angles and corners were dispensed with. Instead, soft lines more attuned to nature shape the building. As for the design, the jutting roof was modelled on a giant ice floe that is supported by rocks. Regarding the colours, the evening dress-style black-and-white of the interior is complemented by shades of red that are found in penguins. A modern restaurant seating some 100 persons inside and 180 outside awaits the visitor.