DRK Clinics Berlin-Köpenick, Germany, Hospice

DRK Kliniken Berlin-Köpenick, DRK-Schwesternschaft Berlin, Gemeinnützige Krankenhaus GmbH, Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 1 - 8
04 / 2017
Gross floor area:
1.300 qm
Life is the centre
In the hospice, the patient is cared for during the last days of his or her life. In addition to the necessary medical care, the aim is to make these days as comfortable as possible for the patient and to enable him to resolve his personal concerns in close contact with his relatives. In this regard, the hospice is more than just a nursing station, it is at the same time a dwelling, a meeting place, a place of communication, but also a place of retreat.

The wheelchair-accessible single-bed rooms have their own private terrace with movable wooden slats that create a private space for each patient. The rooms are grouped around the central common room and a sheltered courtyard where guests, relatives and caregivers gather. In the sense of sustainable building, the hospice was built in wooden panel construction with load-bearing exterior and interior walls.