Gubin Parish Church, Poland, Historic Preservation and Redevelopment into a German-Polish Cultural Centre

Local Community Gubin, Poland
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 1 - 5
06 / 2020
Gross floor area:
4.475 qm
Competition 1st prize
Transformed space
With the reconstruction of the Gubin parish church, a special public space is being created close to the town hall, which is also subject to the protection of historical monuments. A workshop for the cross-border development of culture, art and science is being created in the course of Polish-German cooperation by the Eurocity. New functions are being integrated into the church so that changes to the existing structure and building are minimised and the Gothic architecture is honoured.

The cultural centre integrated inside the church is a discrete installation with a modern and clear layout, colour and selection of materials. It constitutes a striking contrast to the preserved brick structure. Thanks to the flexible functional layout, additional building elements can be added to the interior if needed. The high, steep roof above the church ruin is being reconstructed in its historic cubature using modern materials and technologies. It is light and offers a clear view of the heavens.

The documentary about the project (in German)