Philipps University of Marburg, Germany, Main Library

Hessisches Baumanagement (Hessian Construction Office), Marburg, Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 5 - 9
03 / 2018
Gross floor area:
28.500 qm
Cooperation with sinning architekten, Darmstadt; Design: sinning architekten, Darmstadt, Germany
Connecting intermediate space
The new library building is designed to be a meeting place which encourages an exchange between people on the campus. The central element of the concept from Sinning Architekten is the spacious entrance hall which divides the elongated building diagonally. It permits users to walk between the Elisabethkirche (St. Elizabeth's Church), the Alter Botanischer Garten (Old Botanical Garden) and the university campus and serves as a crossing route through the library. As a public area in the link between the university and the city, it can be used by anybody without any restrictions during the day.

The east and west building components separated by the atrium are connected by bridges, while the basement, which consists of a single building structure, houses an archive. An existing structure from the mid-10th century which is a listed building will be completely refurbished and converted to accommodate the library administration. The colours selected for the façades are derived from the contrast between the brighter and cooler outer urban skin and the interior with somewhat darker and warmer tones, matching the sandstone of the historic buildings.