Freiburg University Hospital, Germany, Centre of Translational Cell Research

State of Baden-Württemberg represented by Landesbetrieb Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Universitätsbauamt Freiburg (University Construction Board), Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 2 - 9
12 / 2015
Gross floor area:
7.652 qm
Open structures, interdisciplinary research
To strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation, research areas are brought together in the new building for cancer and immunodeficient patients. As a clear, cubic structure, the research centre complements the existing “Institutsspange” at the university hospital. Its façade with the white metal structure grid in front, which is in stark contrast to the black profiles of the element glass façade, interprets the cassette motif of the existing development.

The compact design minimises the built-on site area and the heat loss. For summer days, there is external sun protection. The internal organisation is constructed as two wings: the offices and social areas are oriented to the south; the high-mounted laboratory areas with evaluation area along the façade are oriented to the north. The spacious laboratories are divided with a modular system of walls and furniture, which is easy to rearrange. Maximum transparency is created with glazed walls.