Daimler AG, Sindelfingen, Germany, New Technology Centre of Vehicle Safety

Daimler AG Sindelfingen, Germany
  • General Planning
    Performance / Services: 1 - 8
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 1 - 8
09 / 2016
Gross floor area:
58.404 qm
Competition 1st prize
Safety in new dimensions
For Daimler AG, the world’s very latest crash test centre has been constructed on the factory site in Sindelfingen. The crash hall with crash tracks is complemented by workshops for preparation and follow-up of the dummies and crash vehicles, engineering workstations and a communication forum. For precise and safe performance of the tests, the crash hall itself must meet specific requirements with respect to hall temperature, flatness of the crash tracks, and design.

At 90 metres by 90 metres, the pillar-free, roofed part of the crash hall has huge dimensions and thus offers completely new possibilities for the vehicle tests. These also include trials for vehicle systems with autonomous control and alternative drive systems such as hydrogen or high-voltage batteries, for which bespoke protection concepts have been developed. The design of the three control rooms, which allow oversight of the tests, sets accents in the hall in bright “crash orange”.