Claudius-Höfe Bochum, Germany, Integrative Multigenerational Living

Matthias-Claudius-Sozialwerk Bochum e.V. (MCS Bochum e.V.), Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 2 - 8
12 / 2012
Gross floor area:
14.600 qm
North Rhine-Westfalia State Architecture Award 2017 for Architecture, Housing and Urban Development; German Building Contractor Award New Construction 2016; BDA Architecture Award Bochum 2014 (honourable mention); FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Germany 2014 (Official Selection); KfW-Award "Building and Living" 2014 (honorable mention); "Place of Progress 2013/2014"; BMWi-Award 2009 "Architecture with energy - building of the future"
Competition 1st prize
Cooperation with Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten, Dresden, Germany
A New Urban Quarter
The design has as its objective the creation of a clearly legible urban district with its own identity, networked in multiple ways with its environment and integrated into the surrounding city. In this way, communal, integrative and individual living in neighbourhoods is made possible. The heart of the Claudius-Höfe is the market square as a central public space. The site is characterized by differentiated exterior spaces. Spatial and design individuality build identity.

Inside, the configuration of the buildings generates its own order and creates a protected space. Guided by the principle of ”residential resource conservation“, a multitude of energy-saving measures become self-evident elements of a forward-looking architecture.
15 townhouses, 7 of them developed as passive houses, and 65 apartments were built in 3-litre standard for energy conservation plus ventilation system with heat recovery, thermal solar heating system and photovoltaic system. The entire project is barrier-free and handicapped-accessible.