Dresden Zoological Garden, Germany, New Zebra and Giraffe Facility

Zoo Dresden GmbH, Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 1 - 9
08 / 2008
Gross floor area:
885 qm
BDA-Award 2010, BDA Association of Architects in Saxony
Competition 1st prize
Cooperation with Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten, Dresden, Germany
Expansive Spaces
The zoo is located directly adjacent to the ”Großer Garten“ public park. The design of the new zebra and giraffe facility creates an impressive backdrop for a visual expansion of the zoo: the ensemble of buildings stands near the edge of the park. In this way, a spacious outdoor enclosure is formed between the giraffes, the zebra house and existing terraria, opening an expansive vista across the spatial borders into the park and creating a feeling of space. ”Tongues“ of land stretching far into the enclosure allow for great proximity to the animals.

With their gentle curves, the buildings merge into their environment and blur their boundaries with nature. The visible treetops of the ”Großer Garten“ combine with the vertical wooden structure to form ”underbrush with treetops“. The façade cites the vegetation of the savannah, while the greyish-green larch wood is a reminder of the colour palette of the savannah’s scrub and grasses. Upon approaching the building, the vertical wooden slats seem to move like the ”shimmering“ effect of hot desert air. Inside the building, the animals may be observed from a gallery.