German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg, Germany, Reconception and Renovation High-Rise and Documentation Building

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg, Stiftungsvorstand, Germany (German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg, Foundation)
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 2 - 9
10 / 2010
Gross floor area:
42.180 qm
Hugo-Häring Award 2011, BDA Association of Architects in Baden-Wuerttemberg; Knauf Diamant Award 2008, category Building physics (Special mention)
Future Research
The building complex of the DKFZ Heidelberg was erected in the years since 1972 according to plans by Heinle, Wischer und Partner. It comprises, among others, a high-rise building, documentation centre, radiology building, reactor building, animal laboratory, communication centre and the Institute for Applied Tumour Virology. In order to ensure the continuation of research work, the high-rise building and documentation centre underwent a total reconception and renovation. The three-storey documentation building was expanded by one storey.

The originally three-corridor floor plan of the laboratory areas is now two-corridor. This creates much deeper rooms, ensuring adequate natural light in the laboratories. The newly built administrative areas are designed for openness and transparency with sliding glass partitions. The communication zone with its consultation room, library and kitchenette functions as a meeting point for the entire floor and provides a place for discussion and reflection. The foyer on the ground floor was ”cleared out“ and offers a view of the interior courtyard.