Military Hospital Ulm, Germany, Reconstruction and Renovation High-Rise, Low-Rise and Service Buildings, New Recsue Guard

Staatliches Hochbauamt Ulm (State Construction Office), Germany
  • Architectural Work
    Performance / Services: 2 - 8
10 / 2018
Gross floor area:
78.106 qm
Modernisation with Preservation of Character
The medical service of the German federal armed forces operates four military hospitals in Germany. In addition to the ambulatory and inpatient treatment of civilian patients and members of the military, it is responsible for the training and continuing education of armed forces medical personal according to the deployment requirements at home and abroad. Since diagnosis methods and forms of therapy as well as the mandate of the federal armed forces have changed significantly in the last 30 years, the room and functional concept needed to be adapted. Building services equipment had to be refurbished and the fire protection and safety concept needed to be revised.

The structural arrangement and concept divides the complex into a high-rise for patient care, low buildings with ambulatory care, surgery and emergency as well as service buildings with central sterilisation, kitchen and storage. Chosen for building construction, the neutrality and flexibility of the three sub-systems permit their sustainable realisation during active operation within the existing building volume, which is preserved.