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Our Partnership

Till Behnke
Markus Kill
Edzard Schultz
Jens Krauße
Thomas Heinle
Dr. Alexander Gyalokay
Christian Pelzeter
Hanno Chef-Hendriks

A network of transparent and personal communication connects our locations in Stuttgart, Berlin, Cologne, Dresden,Wroclaw and Erlangen.


Kierownik biura we Wrocławiu:

Our philosophy

Together, our work is the philosophy with which we set ourselves the tasks: respect for the history and culture of the place, recognition of the needs of those for whom the construction is taking place, and development of sustainable visions – pursuit of the best architecture.

Erwin Heinle and Robert Wischer

The Swabian cradle: The history of our practice began in 1962 as an equal partnership between Erwin Heinle and Robert Wischer. From the outset, the field of activity was broad; the specialisation lay in the resolution of creatively, functionally and technically complex tasks. Many competitions, including internationally, led to prizes and orders. From 1969 the practice developed further into a larger partnership.

Examples of this are projects such as the new construction of university hospitals in Cologne, Göttingen, Regensburg and Düsseldorf, the German cancer research centre in Heidelberg, the Olympic village in Munich and the television towers of Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Cologne.

Prof. Erwin Heinle
Prof. Robert Wischer

Work in a team

Our practice

More than 300 colleagues from over 30 nations: Work in a large, complex system will always be a balancing act between perfect organisation and creativity of the individual and the moment. Amicable cooperation and open dialogue among colleagues shape the collaboration at Heinle, Wischer and Partners. This is enhanced and strengthened by collective skiing trips, excursions and parties.

Connected thinking

The dialogue with client, users, experts, authorities and executing companies is indispensable for good architecture. If it is open and constructive, its result is always fruitful.

By involving the specialist planners and companies in an integral planning process at an early stage, we find improved architectural solutions and defuse conflict potential in advance.

Our services

Time planning and development planning
Master plans

Basic evaluation
Preliminary planning
Conceptual design
Approval planning
Execution planning
Interior planning / colour and material concepts

Preparation of the contract award
Participation in the contract award
Property surveillance

Commissioning planning
Site support and documentation

Project handling with BIM (little closed to open BIM)

General planning with all services

Architecture in dialogue



Critical discourse and consideration of their own work was a personal concern of our founding partners, both of whom were committed to research and teaching. Today, we continue this tradition.

> NEU 2019: Neubau Forschungszentrum MAIN
> ERWIN HEINLE BEST OF - Begleitkatalog zur Ausstellung
> Labor neu denken - DKFZ Heidelberg, 2013
> ZOOS Bauen für Tiere, 2009
> Zukunftsoffenes Krankenhaus – Ein Dialog zwischen Medizin und Architektur, Robert Wischer und Hans-Ulrich Riethmüller, 2007
> India Healthcare, 2007

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We plan and execute successful projects in accordance with various certification systems for sustainable construction. Recognised experts in the DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – German Sustainable Building Council), BNB (Bewertungssystem Nachhaltiges Bauen für Bundesgebäude – rating system for sustainable construction of federal buildings) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) assessment systems work in our planning teams.

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