May green and workshop character: Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart completed

With 800 apprenticeship places, the Johannes Gutenberg School in Stuttgart is one of the largest vocational colleges for printing and media professions in Europe. Constructed in 1976 according to the plans of Prof Roland Ostertag, thirty years later the school was in dire need for a renovation. In addition to the energetic optimization, the elimination of structural defects, the removal of pollutants and the implementation of accessibility, a spatial restructuring was necessary, which takes into account the increasing importance of electronic media and the associated change in the professions to be learned.

The overall renovation was carried out from 2009 on in individual stages while the ongoing school operations were maintained. The concise character of the building with the distinctive use of the colour green, the facade structure and rhythm as well as the workshop atmosphere that can be experienced inside with visible constructions, cable routing and joints has been retained - in coordination with the author, Prof Ostertag. Lighter, fresh colours and carefully added new materials create a high quality spaces and enable easy orientation in the repetitive room sequences.

Projektteam: Till Behnke (Partner in charge), Steffen Walter (project management), Elke Fichter, Manuela Kapp, Saniye Kocak, Heide Nerger, Philipp Steiff, Hans-Peter Turzer