1st prize in the competition for the Hopp Children's Cancer Centre in Heidelberg

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in those under 18. Every year 2,000 children and adolescents across Germany develop cancer, 20% of them die from it.
The new Children's Cancer Centre in Heidelberg will closely link the work and research of the Children's Tumor Clinic at Heidelberg University Hospital, the Children's Cancer Research at Heidelberg University Hospital and that of the German Cancer Research Centre. The new building, costing 85 million euros, is donated by the Dietmar Hopp Foundation and the ODWIN Foundation

The idea is a new "triad": the two existing clinics - the children's clinic and the centre for paediatric and adolescent medicine - will be supplemented by a third, cube-shaped structure with a low-rise building in front of it. This new ensemble forms a strong unit on the outside and clearly legible own identities on the inside. The uses in the cube can be seen through the facade design: the outpatient clinic on level 0, the clinic on level 1, research on levels 2 and 3. The low-rise building in front of the cube binds the functions on the garden level, including the parents' apartments and interweaves all building levels and open spaces through its airy and diverse meeting, lounge and access areas.

Discover the building with interactive 360​​° panoramas:
Exterior view
Entrance hall
Patient room

Competition team: Till Behnke, Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Ebru Dinc, Hägi Gutbrod, Kaina Hu, Ken Knust, René Dapperger
with Gänßle + Hehr Landschaftsarchitekten