European Healthcare Design Awards: New building for German Cancer Research Centre awarded

The Research and Development Centre for Imaging and Radiation Oncology for the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, Germany was awarded as “Highly Commended” at the European Healthcare Design Award 2020 in the category „Health and Life Sciences”.

The European Healthcare Design Awards are presented at the conference of the same name. The category „Health and Life Sciences” aims to award projects, who support the alignment of training and education, clinical research, informatics, innovation and healthcare delivery, with a focus to improve patient and population health outcomes by translating research into practice to develop integrated health services.

Team: Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Andreas Braun (project management), Nicole Hegendorf, Peter Lay, Claudia Wohlfrom, Ajla Pašic, Gabriel López Custode, Cornelia Oesterle-Eisenbraun, Arta Muciqi, Objektüberwachung: Anika Koenig, André Ackermann, Irena Wanner, Sylvia Baier