From individual building to campus: primary school in Dresden-Hellerau completed

The 84th primary school uses the historic school building of the garden city "Hellerau", near Dresden. For the steadily increasing number of schoolchildren the school building from the beginning of the 20th century was expanded by a new building and the integration of the former fire station. The new building connects the historic buildings with each other and forms an overall architectural ensemble around the new campus square. The shape of the pergola, a typical motive in the historical garden city "Hellerau”, can be found as a motif in the formulation of the facade of the new building.

More pictures of the project can be found here.

Team: Jens Krauße (verantwortlicher Partner), Steffen Thombansen (Projektleitung), Anna Busch, Sarah Heider, Sophia Hering, Martin Jahn, Armin Pommerencke, Nicole Schuchardt, Monique Schott, Julian Snethlage, Claudia Tümmler