Recognition for the laboratory building MAIN at the "2020 industrial building award"

The laboratory building MAIN at the Chemnitz University of Technology received a recognition at the "industrial building ward 2020". We feel very happy and honoured about this acknowledgement.

The “industrial building award” aims to promote excellent industrial and commercial building architecture. Projects are awarded every two years due to their balanced interplay of shape, function, economy, construction and building technology.

Further information in German on the price can be found on the website of the University of Stuttgart.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Thomas Gräning (project management), Christoph Meinhardt, Anke Mierisch, Armin Pommerencke, Monique Schott, Steffen Thombansen, site supervision: Mehmet Coskun, Stefan Voß, Kristin Drechsel, Bastian Gerstner