Sustainable structures: Institute at Universität Regensburg receives architecture price

Our building for the Biological Institutes of the Universität Regensburg was awarded at this year's Regensburg Architecture Prize with a recognition in the field of educational buildings.

The buildings of the natural sciences were built by Heinle, Wischer und Partner in the years 1968-1975. In 2014 they were expanded by a new building for the Department of Biology. From the outside, the new building represents a modular expansion of the existing building structure: like the existing building, the three-story ensemble is structured by a sequence of inner courtyards and connecting paths. 
A modern laboratory landscape with high variability of the laboratory layouts has been planned for university research, so that the partially very different requirements of the chairs could be met without structural differentiation.

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks, Markus Kill (Partners in charge), Martin Schmirander (project management), many colleagues from our Stuttgart and Cologne offices

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