Secure radio and better protection: Contract for a new building of the customs service on the German-Polish border

Heinle, Wischer und Partner will build the new customs office in Görlitz near the German-Polish border. It will be the place of work for the officials of the new digital radio control centre as well as the traffic control unit (Kontrolleinheit Verkehrswege).

The project is being carried out by the Free State of Saxony as a pilot project for the BIM (Building Information Modeling) planning method and we are happy to contribute our experience here.

The digital radio centre in Görlitz is one of five such facilities, which are built all over in Germany in the coming years. With the radio control centres a uniform, secure and digital radio network for the authorities and organizations with security tasks (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben BOS) is realized.
The traffic control unit is responsible among other things for the supervision of the movement of goods and the fight against narcotics and arms smuggling. This requires an interrogation room, an armoury and an installation for the customs dogs. In total, just over 100 civil servants will be serving in the new Görlitz office.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Sophia Hering (project managment), Steffen Thombansen, Rico Moschke