1st prize in competition for the Stanisław Wyspiański Museum Krakow!

Stanisław Wyspiański is a well-known playwright and modernist visual artist in Poland. For the collection of his works and to impart his heritage, a new museum building is being built in Krakow.

One of Wyspiański's postulates was the syncretism, in which many types of art merge into a whole and who won’t be restricted by the limitations of conventions. His work is characterized by simplicity, synthesis and a concise and compact form. The vision of the Wyspiański Museum, like his work, is based on the combination of different elements. The multifunctional, linear space based on the play of light and shadow and surrounded by a simple architectural form.

Heinle, Wischer and Partner are very pleased to have convinced with the proposed design and to receive the first prize in the international competition.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Katarzyna Skowronek, Marta Wróblewska, Łukasz Umiński, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Melina Haures