Heidelberg for Life: Contract for new life sciences research building

The Heidelberg University and the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research plan to further expand their engagement in the research area "Life Sciences" in Heidelberg.

We are pleased to plan and build the new research building "Heidelberg for Life" for the university. Biochemical, molecular and cell biological laboratories as well as office and communication areas will be built for basic molecular biological research. The project will be carried out as a BIM project and will be certified with BNB silver (rating system for sustainable building for federal buildings in Germany).

Heidelberg University, Centre for Molecular Biology

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Andreas Braun (project management), Timo Betz (BIM)
Team Wettbewerb: Victoria Ballesteros Gómez, Juan Gutierrez Beltran, Ebru Dinc, Ken Knust, Sebastian Zumkehr, Philipp Jenckel (model)