Erwin Heinle Prize 2019 awarded

Congratulations to Eva Racz for the Erwin Heinle Award 2019 at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design! Her work "(In)formal Neighborhood in Mumbai, India" focuses on the megacities of the Global South and the links between urbanization and social inequality.

Erwin Heinle held a professorship at the Academy in Stuttgart from 1965 to 1981 and decisively influenced the study program "Interior Design and Furniture Design". Since 2018, Heinle, Wischer und Partner donate the promotion award named after him. The prize is awarded annually in the study course architecture and honours work with innovation, interdisciplinarity, future viability and social relevance.

Hanno Chef-Hendriks represented Heinle, Wischer und Partner in the selection committee and handed over the prize as part of the 2019 annual student exhibition at the Academy.

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