A new school on old grounds: 3rd prize in the competition

On the site of a former steel mill in the German city Gelsenkirchen, located in the Ruhr region, a new secondary school will be established. Heinle, Wischer und Partner received the third prize in the realization competition.

From the design description: The new school will give the entire quarter a new identity for the future. It becomes a landmark that reflects the unique character of the place and unfolds the vibrant diversity of cultural education. Differentiated open spaces form the context in which the new ensemble of school, historic control centre and gymnasium add to a harmonious whole.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Eleonora Popovska, Leonie Woltermann, Binta von Rönn, Marta Bruschy, Jan Giesen
Landscape Architecture: Heike Janßen (Bimberg Landschaftsarchitekten, Iserlohn)