Quantum technology for health research: new centre opened at the University of Ulm

In the “Centre for Quantum and Life Sciences” (Zentrum für Quanten- und Biowissenschaften ZQB) at the Ulm University, physicists, chemists and molecular physicians will work together to jointly develop new quantum technology-based approaches and to contribute to biomedical research and diagnostics. Their goals are high-performance sensors and the improvement of imaging techniques.

Designed for 115 employees, the new building meets the highest standards of physical and biomedical research. It provides state-of-the-art physics, chemistry and biochemistry labs (S1 to S2), an NMR area and laboratory, office and communication areas. In order to protect the sensitive measuring technology against sound, vibrations and electromagnetism, "space in space" solutions were realized with special foundations mounted on air springs.

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Team: Till Behnke (responsible partner), Susanne Kern (project leader), Elke Fichter, Ruth Hermann, Wolfang Pfisterer, Tugba Sezer