Healthier Aging: Laying of the foundation stone for Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam

Gaining insights into the relationship between nutrition and healthy aging is an important research goal for our aging society. In the south of Potsdam, researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition are addressing this issue.

The "Gerty-Cori-Haus" creates the best conditions for this, i.a. with a human study centre with examination area for volunteers, a biobank for the collection of samples, laboratories for chemical and molecular biology analyses and a seminar area, commonly used also by the University of Potsdam.

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Team: Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Katja Döpke (project management), Stephan Listl, Nuno Moreira, Robert Hortig, Anja, Zumpe, Stefan Möhring, Miriam Ostner
Photo: Carolin Schrandt/DIfE