A Dialogue with science - new booklet about the research centre MAIN

What is the particular motivation for architects to design buildings for science? What shapes a house that gives room for the experiments of the future?
The complexity of this task is reflected in our new project booklet about the research centre "MAIN Materials, Architecture and Integration of Nanomembrans" at the TU Chemnitz. The booklet makes the architecture of the building tangible and includes the perspective of the user with interviews and insights into the work of the researchers.

The booklet "Neubau Forschungszentrum MAIN"can be ordered for a nominal fee of 9,50 € from info@heinlewischerpartner.de or +49 30 39992099.

Publisher: Heinle, Wischer and Partner, Freie Architekten
Editor: Stan Hema, Berlin

Team Heinle, Wischer und Partner: Jens Krauße, Thomas Gräning, Edzard Schultz, Grit Ullrich