HEINLE BEST OF a digital exhibition space

Erwin Heinle would have been one hundred years old in 2017. That was the inspiration for our exhibition "Heinle Best Of", which tells of his work but above all of his personality.

After stops at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts and the "Wechselraum" of the BDA Baden-Württemberg, the exhibition can now be visited at any time - in the digital exhibition space www.heinle-best-of.de.

Original documents from various decades tell of the adventures of an architect who was also a skier, professor, art lover, moderator, entrepreneur, pioneer ... Erwin Heinle always wanted to shape the future - the optimistic, innovative and unprejudiced view of what was to come was more important to him than anything backward-looking. In this sense, he has designed and realized and worked together with others to make something new possible. 


Conception, planning and design of the exhibition:
Sylvia Heinle, Studio Dalang Dresden und Sophie Reichelt

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