Life in the city: a new town hall and a cultural centre for Schwelm

For the city of Schwelm in North Rhine-Westphalia, Heinle, Wischer and partners will build a modern administration and a cultural centre. The new buildings around the site of the former brewery Schwelm will also help to develop the city centre. We look forward to the cooperation with the city of Schwelm.

According to a political decision, there is a shopping mall planed on the ground floor of the town hall. Above rises the actual three-storey administrative wing, in which the city administration, which was previously located in three different locations, is brought together.

The new cultural centre will house the adult education centre, the municipal music school and the city library - three different uses with very different requirements.

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Andreas Schaube (project management), Thanh Schwerdt, Felix Franke, design concept: Dr. Pablo Allen-Vizan, Semira Lenk, Stefan Austrup