Multidimensional Trauma Sciences: contract for new research centre in Ulm

Ulm University, Germany
Research Centre Multidimensional Trauma Sciences

Heinle, Wischer and partners are pleased to support the University of Ulm with the construction of a new research centre for Multidimensional Trauma Sciences. The focus of the research is to study the multidimensional mechanisms of damage and regeneration after physical and psychological trauma. With the help of innovative methods the researchers aim to develop improved therapy concepts for traumatized patients.
The modern, technically well-designed building with laboratories and office space is designed to enable constructive work in transdisciplinary research approaches. The main usable area is 5,049 m² for about 216 persons.

Team: Till Behnke (Partner in charge), René Dapperger, Hägi Gutbrod, Susanne Kern, Ken Knust, Anastasia Kozhevnikova, Luis Wagenführer, Philipp Jenckel (model)