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Our building for the Biological Institutes of the Universität Regensburg was awarded at this year's Regensburg Architecture Prize with a recognition in the field of educational buildings.

The buildings of the natural sciences were built by Heinle, Wischer und Partner in the years 1968-1975. In 2014 they were expanded by a new building for the Department of Biology. From the outside, the new building represents a modular expansion of the existing building structure: like the existing building, the three-story ensemble is structured by a sequence of inner courtyards and connecting paths. 
A modern laboratory landscape with high variability of the laboratory layouts has been planned for university research, so that the partially very different requirements of the chairs could be met without structural differentiation.

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks, Markus Kill (Partners in charge), Martin Schmirander (project management), many colleagues from our Stuttgart and Cologne offices

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Together with the Vivantes Network for Health, Heinle, Wischer und Partner are looking forward to the symbolic ground-breaking for the "Nordkopf" at the Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln. The new building will expand the existing main building and should be completed by 2024.

The Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln is the largest municipal hospital in Berlin and supplies a catchment area with 600,000 inhabitants in the south of the city. The construction project is a milestone for the Vivantes Group and will in particular also enable the urgently needed enlargement of the accident and emergency department.

From the street level you will get directly to the new large A&E department for adults and children. The remaining four levels are housing an operating wing with 16 operating rooms, functional diagnostics for cardiology and endoscopy, an intensive care unit for 28 patients, regular care units with a total of 240 beds and a helipad.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Barbara Schott (project management), Johanna Schmidt-Thomsen, Luisa Roth, Jessica Kempe, Lee-Ying Njoo, 
Sabine Nikolai, Viola Benkenstein, Tanja Freund, Pia Hennemann

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Heinle, Wischer and Partners are happy to receive the 1st prize in the competition for their design for a new concert and conference hall in Zielona Góra, Poland. The hall will accommodate 1,800 visitors and will replace an existing open-air arena.

The jury praised the solution to plan the building with the existing topography on the hillside and thus achieve an appropriate and economically advantageous design, which makes it possible to do without complex earthworks and minimizes the effects of the large cubature on the open landscape.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Marta Wróblewska, Karol Mądrecki, Ewelina Wiciak

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At this year's German Design Awards, our project "DRK Berlin-Köpenick, Hospiz" was awarded as a "Winner” in the Excellent Architecture category. The award ceremony will take place on February 7, 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

From the jury's reasoning: “The modern architecture of the only one-story and very high-quality facility makes a friendly impression and exudes a high degree of calm. The homely rooms allow both direct access and a view of the garden-like surroundings. A sensitive design. "

The German Design Award for product and communication design is awarded by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag. Participation in the competition is only possible through a nomination.

Team: Dr. Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge and project management), Dennis Kopp (site management), Jens Becker, Daniela Luhm, Hana Michálková

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For several years there has been a lively exchange between Heinle, Wischer und Partner and Clemson University in South Carolina (USA). The recent book Architecture and Health - Guiding Principles for Practice is the latest of our joint projects. Eva Henrich and Edzard Schultz from our office were co-authors of the epilogue as well as illustrators of the cover and chapters.

From different perspectives, the textbook describes the relationship between architecture and health and illustrates how the built environment can have a positive impact on our health based on international examples. In addition, a number of design principles for the practice are derived from the award-winning example projects. Each of the three chapters looks at the topic on a different scale - the individual, the collaborative and the global

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Dina Battisto, Jacob J. Wilhelm (Hrsg.): Architecture and Health - Guiding principles for practice, New York, Abingdon: Routledge 2019

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Gaining insights into the relationship between nutrition and healthy aging is an important research goal for our aging society. In the south of Potsdam, researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition are addressing this issue.

The "Gerty-Cori-Haus" creates the best conditions for this, i.a. with a human study centre with examination area for volunteers, a biobank for the collection of samples, laboratories for chemical and molecular biology analyses and a seminar area, commonly used also by the University of Potsdam.

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Team: Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Katja Döpke (project management), Patrycja Krawiec, Stephan Listl, Stefan Möhring, Anja Zumpe; Ingo Leypold und Cristina Paci (site management)

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Heinle, Wischer und Partner have been awarded the contract to build the new Medical School in Brandenburg an der Havel. The site for the Medical School is located directly at the main station, it forms together with two existing buildings the gateway to the city. In the future, 360 generalist nurses and physiotherapists will be trained at the school. There will be class and practice rooms, offices, a space for hydrotherapy applications and lounges.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Gautam Shastri (project management), Hana Michálková, Rosalba Scuderi, Eva Böhm
Client: Städtisches Klinikum Brandenburg GmbH

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Heinle, Wischer und Partner will build the new customs office in Görlitz near the German-Polish border. It will be the place of work for the officials of the new digital radio control centre as well as the traffic control unit (Kontrolleinheit Verkehrswege).

The project is being carried out by the Free State of Saxony as a pilot project for the BIM (Building Information Modeling) planning method and we are happy to contribute our experience here.

The digital radio centre in Görlitz is one of five such facilities, which are built all over in Germany in the coming years. With the radio control centres a uniform, secure and digital radio network for the authorities and organizations with security tasks (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben BOS) is realized.
The traffic control unit is responsible among other things for the supervision of the movement of goods and the fight against narcotics and arms smuggling. This requires an interrogation room, an armoury and an installation for the customs dogs. In total, just over 100 civil servants will be serving in the new Görlitz office.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Sophia Hering (project managment), Steffen Thombansen, Rico Moschke

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The written records of the Free State of Bavaria are stored in nine archives throughout the state. Now the competition for a new building in Kitzingen was decided, which is to take over this task for the administrative district of Lower Franconia.

Heinle, Wischer und Partner received the 4th prize for their design. Above the treasures of Bavaria, the new archive building rises as a wedge-shaped structure with a walk-in roof and is thus itself an experience for visitors.

From the jury's reasoning: "The authors succeeded in generating the link between the special location in Kitzingen, the history of the state, which is to be documented via the State Archives, and a future-oriented use and interpretation that is of interest to the public. The local, topographical and landscape features are sensitively taken as background and unique feature."

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Thomas Gräning (project management), Armin Pommerencke, Christoph Meinhardt, Sara Kroll, Dorett Kockisch
Landschaftsarchitektur: UKL Ulrich Krüger Landschaftsarchitekten, Dresden

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The “Berliner Holzbaupreis” (Berlin Award for Timber Construction), which was awarded for the first time in 2019, intends to shed light on the special challenges and potentials for constructive timber construction in a metropolis and make them accessible to a broader public. Heinle, Wischer und Partner received recognition for the hospice, DRK Berlin-Köpenick, in the category new building.

Link to the project

Team: Dr. Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge and project management), Dennis Kopp (site management), Jens Becker, Daniela Luhm, Hana Michálková

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On October 17, 2019, the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ will launch the new Research and Development Centre for Imaging and Radiation Oncology.
The new building will open up unique opportunities in the fight against cancer through the direct connection of research, diagnosis and treatment. The latest medical equipment, two particle accelerators and chemical, physical and radiochemical laboratories make this work possible. The result is a research centre that takes into account the dynamic development in the field of radiological research and allows easy adaptation to technical innovations.

Project link

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Andreas Braun (project management), Anika Koenig, Nicole Hegendorf, Claudia Wohlfrom, Ajla Pašic, Gabriel López Custode, Cornelia Oesterle-Eisenbraun, Arta Muciqi, site management: Anika Koenig, André Ackermann, Irena Wanner, Peter Lay, Sylvia Baier

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Stanisław Wyspiański is a well-known playwright and modernist visual artist in Poland. For the collection of his works and to impart his heritage, a new museum building is being built in Krakow.

One of Wyspiański's postulates was the syncretism, in which many types of art merge into a whole and who won’t be restricted by the limitations of conventions. His work is characterized by simplicity, synthesis and a concise and compact form. The vision of the Wyspiański Museum, like his work, is based on the combination of different elements. The multifunctional, linear space based on the play of light and shadow and surrounded by a simple architectural form.

Heinle, Wischer and Partner are very pleased to have convinced with the proposed design and to receive the first prize in the international competition.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Katarzyna Skowronek, Marta Wróblewska, Łukasz Umiński, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Melina Haures

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In the multi-stage competition for the campus of the elementary school and secondary school in Stammheim, Heinle, Wischer and Partner were awarded the second prize.

For years, the number of students has been rising in Stuttgart's Stammheim district, but despite interim measures and a first expansion, there is still no sign of relaxation in sight. The task of the competition was therefore to develop a concept for restructuring and expansion that meets both the needs of schools and supports modern pedagogical work.

Team: Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Hägi Gutbrod, Juan Gutierrez Beltran, Ebru Dinc, Luis Wagenführer und Ken Knust, Alexander Schmidt, Modell: Philipp Jenckel
Landscape architecture: Stötzer Landschaftsarchitekten, Stuttgart

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The Heidelberg University and the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research plan to further expand their engagement in the research area "Life Sciences" in Heidelberg.

We are pleased to plan and build the new research building "Heidelberg for Life" for the university. Biochemical, molecular and cell biological laboratories as well as office and communication areas will be built for basic molecular biological research. The project will be carried out as a BIM project and will be certified with BNB silver (rating system for sustainable building for federal buildings in Germany).

Heidelberg University, Centre for Molecular Biology

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Andreas Braun (project management), Timo Betz (BIM)
Team Wettbewerb: Victoria Ballesteros Gómez, Juan Gutierrez Beltran, Ebru Dinc, Ken Knust, Sebastian Zumkehr, Philipp Jenckel (model)

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The existing central operating area has been expanded by four operating theaters and a recovery zone at the Humboldt-Klinikum in Berlin-Reinickendorf. On September 3, 2019, Berlin's Health Senator Dilek Kalayci and Vivantes’ management opened the state-of-the-art facilities.

Lots of natural light and visual relationships between the work areas improve the daily work of nursing and medical staff. Thanks to its significantly expanded capacities, the hospital is now even better able to meet the growing need for surgery. The new rooms also feature state-of-the-art multimedia equipment. One OR was specially adapted to the requirements of robot-assisted operating rooms with the DaVinci system.

Photo: Vivantes/Regina Sablotny

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Barbara Schott (project management), Carsten Gauert, Jessica Kempe, Dorothea Rometzki

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The new building for the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration is being built close to the main station in Duisburg. For about 2,000 students of the police and tax authorities, the new building is a central training location in the north-western part of North Rhine-Westphalia. Heinle, Wischer und Partner won the investor competition together with Aurelis as the investor. The total cost is about 70 million €, the university is to be opened for the winter semester 2021/2022.

The university President Martin Bornträger is pleased about the new university building: "The new building should offer our students and teachers optimal conditions. It fulfils our self-imposed quality attributes for a high-quality teaching, learning, research and working environment and will thus become another ground-breaking reference object for our university. "

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Andreas Schaube (project management), Dennis Mertens, Pablo Allen-Vizan, Magdalena Jurdziak

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Congratulations to Eva Racz for the Erwin Heinle Award 2019 at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design! Her work "(In)formal Neighborhood in Mumbai, India" focuses on the megacities of the Global South and the links between urbanization and social inequality.

Erwin Heinle held a professorship at the Academy in Stuttgart from 1965 to 1981 and decisively influenced the study program "Interior Design and Furniture Design". Since 2018, Heinle, Wischer und Partner donate the promotion award named after him. The prize is awarded annually in the study course architecture and honours work with innovation, interdisciplinarity, future viability and social relevance.

Hanno Chef-Hendriks represented Heinle, Wischer und Partner in the selection committee and handed over the prize as part of the 2019 annual student exhibition at the Academy.

Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design

Association of Friends and Sponsors

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On the site of a former steel mill in the German city Gelsenkirchen, located in the Ruhr region, a new secondary school will be established. Heinle, Wischer und Partner received the third prize in the realization competition.

From the design description: The new school will give the entire quarter a new identity for the future. It becomes a landmark that reflects the unique character of the place and unfolds the vibrant diversity of cultural education. Differentiated open spaces form the context in which the new ensemble of school, historic control centre and gymnasium add to a harmonious whole.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Eleonora Popovska, Leonie Woltermann, Binta von Rönn, Marta Bruschy, Jan Giesen
Landscape Architecture: Heike Janßen (Bimberg Landschaftsarchitekten, Iserlohn)

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In the “Centre for Quantum and Life Sciences” (Zentrum für Quanten- und Biowissenschaften ZQB) at the Ulm University, physicists, chemists and molecular physicians will work together to jointly develop new quantum technology-based approaches and to contribute to biomedical research and diagnostics. Their goals are high-performance sensors and the improvement of imaging techniques.

Designed for 115 employees, the new building meets the highest standards of physical and biomedical research. It provides state-of-the-art physics, chemistry and biochemistry labs (S1 to S2), an NMR area and laboratory, office and communication areas. In order to protect the sensitive measuring technology against sound, vibrations and electromagnetism, "space in space" solutions were realized with special foundations mounted on air springs.

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Team: Till Behnke (responsible partner), Susanne Kern (project leader), Elke Fichter, Ruth Hermann, Wolfang Pfisterer, Tugba Sezer

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Blurring the boundaries: Designing place-based health systems
Royal College of Physicians, London, 17–19 June 2019

At one of the largest European conferences on health, two of our colleagues will present results of their work. Tatiana Epimakhova reports on her experimental study to find out how Virtual Reality can help to capture the experiences of users and thus optimize the planning of hospitals.
Eva Henrich analyses current trends in healthcare and addresses the development from a solitary hospital to a flexible network of care providers of very different character.

Envisioning the future of health networks: hospital as part of a sustainable system (Eva Henrich)
Implementing a VR platform as an evaluation tool for effective hospital design in Germany (Tatiana Epimakhova)

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Modern research on the Telegrafenberg in Potsdam is in the best of company - since the 19th century, science has been practiced here with large observatories. The newest extension is part of the GeoForschungsZentrum (German Research Centre for Geosciences). The structural work for its GeoBioLab has been completed, followed by the installation of the facade and interior work.

For the façade, large-format ceramic elements are planned whose design makes a strong connection to the existing institute buildings and their partially listed clinker facades. Depending on the requirements and usage, the closed elements are combined with floor-to-ceiling windows - similar to a flexible shelving system.

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Team: Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Katja Döpke (project management), Jens Magnus Becker, Robert Hortig, Ingo Leypold, Stefan Möhring, Anja Petzold, Davina Schmidt

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Our project "Simulation Center of the Medical University of Wroclaw" received a special award for the modernization of a historical object at the Architectural Award of the City of Wroclaw.

The listed service building on the campus of the Medical University Wroclaw was renovated and rebuilt into the simulation centre for student training. In a combination of careful restoration and tailor-made addition of modern materials a unique building for medical education was created.

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Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Karolina Konopnicka, Tomasz Zawisza, Aleksandra Demidowicz, Małgorzata Oleśkowska

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The Saxon police gets a new forensic science institute. The FSI belongs to the State Office of Criminal Investigation and currently has 123 employees, including chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers. It carries out criminological, forensic and identification service investigations and produces reports. The new building will be finished in 2022.

Heinle, Wischer und Partner 2016 emerged as prize winners from a non-open competition with 19 participants and were commissioned in the subsequent 2017 award procedure.

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Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Steffen Thombansen (project management), Sophia Hering, Norbert Mayer, Rico Moschke, Armin Pommerencke, Claudia Tümmler

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Nursery "Felsenzwerge" Gohrisch-Papstdorf, new building
Grand opening on 3 June 2019

For the small community of Papstdorf, located in Saxon Switzerland, the decision to build the new day-care centre was also a commitment to rural life and an investment in future generations - in spite of the hard-to-predict development of the region.

The flat new building with two wings for nursery and older kids opens with large windows to the impressive nature of the environment. A total of 60 children are looked after here, and together with the neighbouring elementary school, an education cluster has been created for the surrounding communities.

Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Elke Szczesny (project management), Zhao Zheng, Elisa Reschke, Mark Ullrich (site supervision)

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The new administration building with DGNB Gold certification is an important building block in the development of the new Hörn district in the center of Kiel. one day, 650 employees will work here for the central funding institute of the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Among others, Erik Westermann-Lammers, Chairman of the Board of IB.SH and Monika Heinold, Minister of Finance of Schleswig-Holstein are expected for the laying of the foundation stone.

Team: Christian Pelzeter (Partner in charge), Irina Rolser, Jan Giesen,André Wollmann, Mine Böker (BIM coordination), Andrea Trachbrodt, Anja Weinreich, Carl von Jagwitz-Biegnitz

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The Association of Polish Architects SARP (Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich) awarded the SARP Prize 2019 in seven categories last Friday. Our project
Simulation Center of the Medical University of Wroclaw
received a recognition in the category "revitalization".

The listed service building on the campus of the Medical University Wroclaw was renovated and rebuilt into the simulation centre for student training. In a combination of careful restoration and tailor-made addition of modern materials a unique building for medical education was created.

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Climate protection is taken seriously in the city of Waiblingen in Baden-Württemberg. Photovoltaics in new buildings, combined heat and power plants, the use of green electricity and climate-neutral new development areas bear witness to an active and responsible administration.

Heinle, Wischer und Partner are all the more pleased about the contract to build the new district court of the municipality. The new building will be in timber construction and passive house quality. The aim is to achieve certification with silver in accordance with “BNB - Nachhaltiges Bauen für Bundesgebäude” (rating system for sustainable building for federal buildings in Germany).

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Davide di Gaetano (project management)
Team Competition: Victoria Gomez Ballesteros, Alexander Schmidt, Ken Knust, Juan Gutierrez, Ebru Dinc, Philipp Jenckel (Modell)

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The AKG Award is awarded by the AKG Architekten für Krankenhausbau und Gesundheitswesen (Association of Architects for Healthcare Architecture)", which promotes quality, knowledge and dialogue in the field of health care.

A recognition was given to our project
DRK Clinics Berlin-Köpenick, Hospice

The hospice, as the last place of residence for the terminally ill, seeks to offer a combination of community and privacy. The atmosphere in the house is characterized by the building material wood, which was used both constructively and in the interior design.

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Heinle, Wischer und Partner are pleased about the successful participation in two competitions in Poland: In the Polish capital the task was to find a concept for the redesign of the traditional soccer stadium "Polonia". The urban development played a more important part in the competition in Dąbrowa Górnicza, a city in the south of Poland heavily influenced by the steel industry. Viable designs for the closed down areas and former factories in the city centre had to be developed.

Urban and architectural concept for the redesign of the stadium "Polonia", Warsaw, Poland
Jury decision of 13 May 2019
Recognition for Heinle, Wischer und Partner Architekci, Wroclaw

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Karol Mądrecki, Katarzyna Skowronek, Łukasz Umiński, Tomasz Padło, Joanna Pittner, Marta Wróblewska

Urban and architectural revitalization of the centre of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland
Jury decision of 11 April, 2019
3rd prize for Heinle, Wischer und Partner Architekci, Wroclaw

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Karol Mądrecki, Katarzyna Skowronek, Łukasz Umiński

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Two projects planned by Heinle, Wischer und Partner have been recommended by the Science Council of Germany for funding with federal and state funds. This decision awards the outstanding national and scientific significance of the research projects at the Ruhr University Bochum and the University of Ulm. Congratulations to our clienzs and future users!

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, THINK - Centre for Theoretical and Integrative Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
"It is particularly innovative to note that the focus on the brain is extended to the whole organism, the limitation to cognition in the narrower sense is lifted and decision-making and action are stringently involved."

University of Ulm, Multidimensional Trauma Sciences
"With its holistic and transdisciplinary research approach to trauma care, the project is unique both nationally and internationally and has the potential to gain global appeal."

There are more projects by Heinle, Wischer und Partner to be found among the funded projects of the program from the past years: Centre of Translational Cell Research (Freiburg University Hospital), Centre for Quantum Biosciences (University of Ulm), Research Centre M3 (University Hospital Tübingen), Laboratory Building MAIN (Technical University Chemnitz)

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The "Laborrunde" - the interdisciplinary conference for planners, users and operators of laboratory buildings - is taking place for the 15th time on the campus of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. Dr Alexander Gyalokay reports on May 9, 2019 about the latest plans to expand the campus for microscopy research.

The projects "Optical Imaging Center" and "Cryo-Electron Microscope" are characterized by the special requirements of this research field - such as sound and vibration protection, temperature stability and magnetic field influences.

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What is the particular motivation for architects to design buildings for science? What shapes a house that gives room for the experiments of the future?
The complexity of this task is reflected in our new project booklet about the research centre "MAIN Materials, Architecture and Integration of Nanomembrans" at the TU Chemnitz. The booklet makes the architecture of the building tangible and includes the perspective of the user with interviews and insights into the work of the researchers.

The booklet "Neubau Forschungszentrum MAIN"can be ordered for a nominal fee of 9,50 € from or +49 30 39992099.

Publisher: Heinle, Wischer and Partner, Freie Architekten
Editor: Stan Hema, Berlin

Team Heinle, Wischer und Partner: Jens Krauße, Thomas Gräning, Edzard Schultz, Grit Ullrich

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In 2013, Heinle, Wischer and Partner won the competition to rebuild the Gubin City Church into a German-Polish cultural center.
How do you appreciate the impressive church building? How do you find at the same time a modern expression for the new, cross-border cultural center?

Watch the documentary in German and Polish on

Team: Edzard Schultz (idea and concept), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska und Philine Oberwalleney
art/beats Berlin (storyboard, design and production)

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Lecture by Edzard Schultz at the conference Szpital 2019 - Przestrzeń ochrony zdrowia
3. April 2019

The conference in Wroclaw is under the patronage of the Consul General of Germany in Wroclaw. Polish and German experts from science and practice will discuss the modernization process and development potential in hospital construction:

Organizer: Politechnika Wrocławska (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology), Vita Management Breslau
Venue: Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu

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Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Centre for Efficient High-Temperature Conversion

In Freiberg, Saxony, Heinle, Wischer and partners are constructing a new research centre for the TU Bergakademie. The building will be an important part in the planned expansion of the campus which also includes the construction of a new library and renovated outdoor facilities.

Chairs and working groups from all six faculties of the Bergakademie Freiberg participate in the Centre for Efficient High-Temperature Conversion (Zentrum für effiziente Hochtemperatur-Stoffumwandlung ZeHS). In addition to shared laboratory areas and office units, the research building will also include two technical halls.

Team: Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Thomas Gräning (Projektleitung), Armin Pommerencke, Christoph Meinhardt, Peggy Hornoff, Claudia Tümmler, Bauleitung: Stefan Voß, Kristin Drechsel, Bastian Gerstner

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Heinle, Wischer und Partner won the first prize in the competition for the "Masterplan Research Campus and Construction of a Science Data Management Centre" for the research centre DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) in Zeuthen.

The DESY site in Zeuthen is part of one of the world's leading accelerator centres and will be in the future the scientific centre of the observatory "Cherenkov Telescope Array". The task of the architectural competition was to determine the best setting for the further development of the campus as well as to create the optimal building concept for the planned new buildings on the lakeside property in Zeuthen.

From the jury report:  “Our decision in favour of the proposal put forward by Heinle Wischer und Partner and UKL was based particularly on the excellent way in which they brought together both these requirements and used them to each other’s benefit: combining a clear campus layout, which is open to further development, with a superior and appealing building design that effectively combines the two functions.

Competition Team: Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Jan Giesen, Heinrich Huber
Landscape architecture: Ulrich Krüger Landschaftsarchitekten, Dresden
Website Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

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The Berlin Chamber of Architects presents the 20th edition of the exhibition "da! Architecture in and from Berlin". Heinle, Wischer and Partner are represented by the hospice, which was completed in 2017 for the DRK Kliniken in Berlin-Köpenick.
Exhibition period: 9th March to 6th April 2019
Details on the exhibition at

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University of Hohenheim, Fruwirthstraße, new development "Housing for Students"
Restricted competition with 20 participants
Decision of the jury January 30, 2019

From the jury report: "With the composition of five polygonal houses, the authors succeed in creating a constructive ensemble that fits into the surrounding building scale and creates an identity-forming, well-proportioned residential quarter with a strong centre". 

Team: Hanno Chef-Hendriks (Partner in charge), Alexander Schmidt, Victoria Ballesteros Gómez, Ken Knust, Philipp Jenckel (model)
Landscape architecture: Gänßle + Hehr Landschaftsarchitekten, Esslingen a.N.

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Erwin Heinle would have been one hundred years old in 2017. That was the inspiration for our exhibition "Heinle Best Of", which tells of his work but above all of his personality.

After stops at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts and the "Wechselraum" of the BDA Baden-Württemberg, the exhibition can now be visited at any time - in the digital exhibition space

Original documents from various decades tell of the adventures of an architect who was also a skier, professor, art lover, moderator, entrepreneur, pioneer ... Erwin Heinle always wanted to shape the future - the optimistic, innovative and unprejudiced view of what was to come was more important to him than anything backward-looking. In this sense, he has designed and realized and worked together with others to make something new possible.

Conception, planning and design of the exhibition:
Sylvia Heinle, Studio Dalang Dresden und Sophie Reichelt

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For the city of Schwelm in North Rhine-Westphalia, Heinle, Wischer and partners will build a modern administration and a cultural centre. The new buildings around the site of the former brewery Schwelm will also help to develop the city centre. We look forward to the cooperation with the city of Schwelm.

According to a political decision, there is a shopping mall planed on the ground floor of the town hall. Above rises the actual three-storey administrative wing, in which the city administration, which was previously located in three different locations, is brought together.

The new cultural centre will house the adult education centre, the municipal music school and the city library - three different uses with very different requirements.

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Andreas Schaube (project management), Thanh Schwerdt, Felix Franke, design concept: Dr. Pablo Allen-Vizan, Semira Lenk, Stefan Austrup

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Ulm University, Germany
Research Centre Multidimensional Trauma Sciences

Heinle, Wischer and partners are pleased to support the University of Ulm with the construction of a new research centre for Multidimensional Trauma Sciences. The focus of the research is to study the multidimensional mechanisms of damage and regeneration after physical and psychological trauma. With the help of innovative methods the researchers aim to develop improved therapy concepts for traumatized patients.
The modern, technically well-designed building with laboratories and office space is designed to enable constructive work in transdisciplinary research approaches. The main usable area is 5,049 m² for about 216 persons.

Team: Till Behnke (Partner in charge), René Dapperger, Hägi Gutbrod, Susanne Kern, Ken Knust, Anastasia Kozhevnikova, Luis Wagenführer, Philipp Jenckel (model)

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Dachau, new District Office
Restricted competition with 25 participants
Decision of the jury October 25, 2018

From the jury report: “The project represents a remarkable contribution that is less committed to the zeitgeist and whose qualities are particularly evident in the inner organization and its relation to the free space. The high floors give the building lightness and simple elegance.”

Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Sibylle Stiehler (project management), Elisa Reschke, Fatima Liebe, Mark Ullrich, Dorett Kockisch

Landscape architecture: Till Rehwaldt, Model: Thomas Guske

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Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, Germany
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, GeoBioLab
Cornerstone-laying ceremony on November 8, 2018

The GeoBioLab develops a profound understanding of the (micro)biological, (bio)geochemical and geological systems and processes of the solid Earth. Central topics are the observation of the consequences of global change as well as the investigation of natural hazards and raw materials.

The laboratories are centralized in the clearly defined laboratory core stacked over three levels of the building that in total has five floors.. The facade continues the division within the building itself, emphasising initially the three laboratory floors. Its design reinforces the theme of the flexibility required of modern research buildings: the modules of the façade are fitted out with windows or closed elements, depending on the need.

The building will fulfil the criteria of the category “silver” of the rating system for sustainable building for federal buildings (BNB - "Nachhaltiges Bauen für Bundesgebäude").

Team: Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Katja Döpke (Projektleitung), Jens Magnus Becker, Robert Hortig, Ingo Leypold, Stefan Möhring, Anja Petzold, Lisa Walter

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Barbara Schott from our Berlin office speaks about new possibilities in the planning and equipment of intensive care rooms and wards at the emtec seminar "Process-based operating concepts for intensive care. Basis of successful construction and development planning".

5-6 November 2018, NOVOTEL Tiergarten, Berlin

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N-ERGIE AG, Nürnberg, Reconstruction historical building for office and work shop use

The building, which was built in 1903 for the city gas plant, is part of a listed ensemble on the premises of the local energy supplier in Nuremberg. On the ground floor is the former gas cleaning hall, while the upper floor opens to the roof structure made of steel beams - an unusually progressive construction for the construction period.

With the renovation and refurbishment, the upper floor was made usable again and today offers space for a modern office environment with differentiated offers for concentrated or joint work, flexible meeting possibilities and collegial exchange. Particular attention was paid during the conversion to the preservation of the visible roof structure and the open space.

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Bianca Caspari (project management), Voicu Fodor, Birgit Jassmann, Alexandra Pall, Frank Zimmermann, Günter Nägele (site supervision)

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The renovation of the Kollegiengebäude I + II of the University of Stuttgart
Lecture by Steffen Walter on October 23, 2018 at the Leibniz University Hannover

As part of the "Swiss Brutalism" colloquium, Steffen Walter from our Stuttgart office will report on the renovation concept of Heinle, Wischer and Partner for the Kollegiengebäude of the University of Stuttgart.

see project

The twin buildings Kollegiengebäude I and II were built between 1960 and 1965. Designed by the architects Ralf Gutbier, Kurt Siegel and Günter Wilhelm, the ensemble with its pure character is a major work of the new "Stuttgart School of Architecture 1946-70". It was renovated by us between 2000 and 2009. Fair-faced concrete, exposed masonry made of hard bricks, glass and ash wood still characterize the appearance of both buildings even after the renovation.

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A football stadium, a zoo and two libraries - with first and second prizes in extraordinary competitions, the history of our office in Wroclaw in Poland begins. It continues to this day with successful competitions, whether for cultural venues or research centres. Today, fourteen young Polish colleagues are working in the Wroclaw office, headed by Anna Stryszewska-Słońska.

More projects in Poland:
Małopolska Science Center, Krakow
Copernicus Science Center, Warschau
District Court Częstochowa-Północ
"New hut of the future", Krakow
Gubin Parish Church, German-Polish Cultural Centre

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In the historic center of Schweinfurt, three listed buildings were to be combined with a supplementary new building to create a new ensemble with great appeal. The buildings will contain an event hall for up to 300 people, activity and education rooms, the city museum, temporary exhibitions and the administration.

Heinle, Wischer and Partner have received the 1st prize in the competition for the Kulturforum Martin-Luther-Platz and are looking forward to this exciting and important task for the city of Schweinfurt.

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Semira Lenk, Dr. Pablo Allen-Vizan, Stefan Matzke

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As the architecture platform competitionline has determined, Heinle, Wischer and Partner occupy first place in the country-wide ranking for architecture firms in 2018.

All competitions published on in the period from June 2017 to May 2018 are included in the ranking. The ranking of the architectural firms is determined by a point system for prize ranks and recognitions.

For Heinle, Wischer and Partner, participation in competitions since our foundation in 1962 has been an indispensable part of our work. Our experience shows that truly innovative and sustainable solutions are created above all in the productive interaction of experienced professionals with highly motivated junior staff.

We are very happy about this success and look forward to the next competitions.

Our competitions:

Competitionline Ranking 2018 (in German):

Competitionline Ranking - Interview (in German):

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Open ideas competition Porto di Palermo, Italy
New building cruise terminal and cargo ship terminal with urban connection to the city

Decision of the jury 20 September 2018

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Annette Dörr, Io Alexandropoulou in cooperation with Studio Cangemi s.a.s., Palermo

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In order to increase the training capacity of the University of Applied Sciences, a new training center with a space shooting facility and sports facilities as well as three new accommodation buildings with a total of 240 single and double rooms are being built. The existing buildings for teaching, administration and library will be rebuilt and expanded, i.a. to a Audimax.

Team: Thomas&nbsp;Heinle (partner in charge), Sina&nbsp;Bachmann, Tobias&nbsp;Maschke, Elisa&nbsp;Reschke, Nicole&nbsp;Schuchardt, Sibylle&nbsp;Stiehler, Mark&nbsp;Ullrich</p></div>

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Annette Dörr presents the planning development of a modern operating theater department using the example of the current project "New construction, renovation and reconstruction of the central operating room at Klinikum Dortmund Nord".

The lecture will take place during the two-day international project congress "Hospital of the Future". The conference is organized by the HT Group (Healthcare Technology Group) in cooperation with the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Further information is available on the website of HT Group.

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The new building of the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) will offer technical halls and other laboratories for research in the field of energy conversion processes. It will be located at the campus areal “Reiche Zeche” from the 19th century.

Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Stefanie Birke, Dorett Kockisch

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For more than five years there has been a regular professional exchange between Heinle, Wischer and Partner and the Graduate Program "Architecture + Health" at Clemson University in South Carolina. The Clemson Architecture + Health Program is nationally and internationally recognized in the profession as one of the oldest and most comprehensive programs of its kind.

Looking Forward: The Next 50 years of Architecture + Health - Anniversary celebration in Clemson with AIA-AAH South Atlantic Region (SAR) Chautauqua 9.0 and alumni-reunion from 23 to 25 August 2018

We congratulate on the fiftieth anniversary of the institute and are pleased that Edzard Schultz will be named a "Honorary Alumni Member of the Clemson University Graduate Program in Architecture + Health".

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Erwin Heinle was an architect. Of the Olympic Village in Munich, the Stuttgart TV Tower or the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg among others. His houses were declared monuments, printed on stamps and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Erwin Heinle was much more. For example skier, professor, art lover, presenter, entrepreneur, pioneer ... With this exhibition, Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Freie Architekten invite you to get to know the personality behind the numbers and achievements.

Vernissage: Monday, 17th September 2018, 7pm
Welcome: Hanno Chef-Hendriks, Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Freie Architekten
Opening Lecture: Dieter Ben Kauffmann, Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Freie Architekten BDA

Guided tours of the exhibition:
Thursday, 20 and 27 September 2018, 12 noon

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 1pm / 3pm - 6pm

Wechselraum Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA
Zeppelincarré, Friedrichstraße 5, 70174 Stuttgart

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Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln
Extension “Nordkopf” as well as restructuring and rehabilitation of the pharmacy

The Klinikum Neukölln is one of the largest hospitals in Berlin with the city's busiest emergency center. Various measures are planned for the renovation and extension of the existing building complex.
Heinle, Wischer and partners signed the contract to build an extension for the main building from 1986 and thus to redefine the appearance of the hospital. Above all, the new building will provide space for a larger rescue centre, operating theatres and functional areas as well as several wards.

Parallel to this, we will realize the extension of the pharmacy with GMP area and a semi-automatic order picking on the first floor in the main building of the hospital.

Team Nordkopf: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Barbara Schott (project management), Viola Benkenstein, Lisa Hänsel, Heike Kibbel, Lee Ying Njoo, Johanna Schmidt-Thomsen, VgV: Jessica Kempe, Martin Schumacher

Team Apotheke: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Barbara Schott (project management), Carsten Gauert, Dorothea Rometzki, Fabian Scharf

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Technical University Chemnitz, Laboratoy Building MAIN "Materials, Architecture and Integration of Nanomembranes"

The new laboratory building for the research field of nanomaterials at TU Chemnitz will be inaugurated on 13th August 2018. Guests and speakers are, among others: Matthias Hass, Saxon Minister of Finance, Dr. med. Eva-Maria Stange, Saxon Minister of Science and Art and Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Götze, Representative of the Rector, Vice-Rector for Transfer and Continuation Training Education, Chemnitz University of Technology.

The new building on the technology campus of the Chemnitz University of Technology occupies the interface between university research and private industry and is, among others, the home of research of the Leibniz Prize winner 2018 Prof. Dr. med. Oliver G. Schmidt.

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Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Thomas Gräning (project management), Christoph Meinhardt, Anke Mierisch, Armin Pommerencke, Monique Schott, Steffen Thombansen, Objektüberwachung: Mehmet Coskun, Stefan Voß, Kristin Drechsel, Bastian Gerstner

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Heinle, Wischer und Partner are excited about the contract for the planning of the new administration building of the "Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein IB.SH". The representative new building with 650 workplaces and a conference area will be built at the southern end of Kiel Fiord. The main idea of the design is a feel of openness which guides the visitors from the main entrance on the street via the courtyard to the waterfront.

The project is realized as a public-private partnership and carried out in accordance with the certification system of the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB.

More information (in German) here:

Team: Christian Pelzeter (Partner in charge), Jan Giesen, Irina Rolser, Andrea Trachbrodt, André Wollmann

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The Pinguin Café, which opened in March this year, received the title "Selection" at the Iconic Awards 2018. The design of the pavilion cafe is inspired by the namesake penguins and the association with their habitat of rocks and ice floes.

The German Design Council has been tasked with honouring good design and thus promoting the quality of our living environment. The Iconic Awards will be awarded to internationally outstanding construction projects in an independent architectural and design competition. The award ceremony will take place on October 8, 2018 in the “Pinakothek der Moderne” in Munich.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Steffen Thombansen (project management), Monique Schott, Armin Pommerencke

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Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart/Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Sunday 22. July 2018

Erwin Heinle, Co-Founder of our architectural office, held a professorship for architecture at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design from 1965 to 1981. He decisively influenced the degree program "Interior Design and Furniture Design". Since 1981, the Erwin Heinle Prize has been awarded alternately each year in the study programs Architecture, Industrial Design, Textile Design or Communication Design and honours work with innovation, interdisciplinarity, future viability and social relevance.

We congratulate Taehwan Kim (Architectural Studies), who received the award for his master's thesis "Street Life in Apartment". Hanno Chef-Hendriks represented Heinle, Wischer und Partner in the selection committee and handed over the prize.

Animation: Jasmina Begovic, Maximilian Haslauer, Tamara Wirth (ABK Stuttgart)

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Festival Theatre Hellerau – European Center for the Arts Dresden
Historic Preservation and Modernisation Barrack East

Contract awarded

As a centre for contemporary art with a clear focus on dance, music and theatre, HELLERAU is one of the leading centres for contemporary performing arts in Germany. For the reception of artists from all over the world, the listed former barracks east on the festival grounds will now be converted by Heinle, Wischer und Partner into a hostel and rehearsal centre.

The central idea is to restore the original urban design of the ensemble by Heinrich Tessenow in a transformed form. The new entrance area will be a multi-use space, reaching until under the roof. Like this, the historical wooden roof structure will get its own stage.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Julian Snethlage (project management), Klara Kolck, Armin Pommerencke, Nicole Schuchardt, Steffen Thombansen, Mark Ullrich, Daniel Weiße

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Saxon State Chancellery Dresden
Contract for the renovation of the listed administrative building

The seat of government of the Saxon Prime Minister and the Saxon State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture will be repaired and technically modernized while business continues by Heinle, Wischer und Partner. The landmarked building from 1904 is located on the banks of the Elbe in the centre of Dresden.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Julian Snethlage (project managment), Steffen Thombansen, Daniel Weiße

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University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf
Campus Research II and Hamburg Center for Translational Immunology (HCTI)

We are glad about a third prize for our design of two research buildings on the campus of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf.
Further information at Competitionline (in German)

Team: Christian Pelzeter (Partner in charge), Lea Bradasevic, Jan Giesen, Heinrich Huber

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Three new projects by Heinle, Wischer und Partner have opened their doors this coming weekend: the hospice of the DRK Kliniken in Berlin-Köpenick, the laboratory building MAIN in Chemnitz and the central library in Marburg will be open for visiting on the 23rd and 24th of June.

More information about the guided tours can be found here.

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Edzard Schultz and Aleksandra Shulevska give an expert lecture entitled "The A and O" on June 12. 2018 at the Faculty of Architecture, St. Cyril and Method University in Skopje, Macedonia.

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National Institute "Ossolineum", Wroclaw, Poland
New construction main building Lubomirski Museum

competition 3rd place, decision of the jury 22 May 2018

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in Charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Dominika Niewczas, Tomasz Padło, Katarzyna Woszczyna, Małgorzata Oleśkowska, Michał Wasielewski

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In the presence of representatives of the Federal Government (Thomas Rachel, State Secretary in the BMBF), the Country (Eva-Maria Stange, Minister of State for Science and the Arts), the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the architects the foundation stone for the new building of the institute Design Automation Division was laid.

The new five-story building will contain office and meeting rooms as well as three test halls integrated into the building and numerous electronics laboratories on around 4,300 m².

More about the project

Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Tobias Maschke (project manager), Tim Arnhold, Sina Bachmann, Annette Fiebig, Esther Güthoff-Pille, Fatima Love, Jenny Rauschdorf, Anke Schmidt, Kerstin Till

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After about a year of construction, the topping out ceremony was celebrated on May 29 at the construction site for the new Education Center of the Dresden Chamber of Trades and Crafts in the state capital.

The new building will offer around 7,300 m² of floor space for modern workshops for the fields of building technology, metal construction and welding technology.

On behalf of AMA architecture office Michael Auerbacher, we are responsible for implementation planning and realisation.

Team: Thomas Heinle, Jens Krauße (Partners in charge), Sibylle Stiehler and Julian Snethlage (project management), Tim Arnhold, Doris Krian, René Mikschofsky, Rico Moschke, Esther Güthoff-Pille, Elisa Reschke, Kerstin Till, Christian Werner

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Structural Programming: Islands of Standardization within a Sea of Creativity

Lecture by Edzard Schultz and Eva Henrich

30 May 2018 "HOSPITAL 21. Breathing new life in the 21st century Hospital"
UIA-PHG 2018 (International Union of Architects - Public Health Group), 29 to 31 May 2018, Paris Healthcare Week, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

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Marianist school Recklinghausen
Reorganization and Expansion
Competition 1st prize, decision of the jury 10 April 2018

Since the 1950s, a secondary school is operated in Recklinghausen by the Marist Brothers. For the more than 470 students today, the reorganization and expansion of the school will create more space and new educational opportunities.

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Dr. Pablo Allen-Vizan, Stefan Matzke, Hendrik Potthoff

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University of Erfurt, Max-Weber-Kolleg
Researchbuilding "Weltbeziehungen"

Competition 2nd place, Decision of the jury 25 April 2018

Team: Christian Pelzeter (Partner in charge), André Wollmann, Jan Giesen

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Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME Giessen
Institute Building Bioressources
Topping out ceremony at 8 May 2018

The use of insects as an alternative source of food and raw materials is at the center of the planned research in Giessen. The topping out ceremony was celebrated with greetings from Prof. dr. Joybrato Mukherjee, President of the Justus Liebig University Gießen, Volker Bouffier, Prime Minister of the State of Hesse, Andreas Meuer, Member of the Board of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Dietlind Grabe-Bolz, Lord Mayor.

Team: Till Behnke (Partner in charge), Martin Schmirander (project management), Lilyana Guleva, Lena Hagelstein, Philipp Steiff

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Heinle, Wischer und Partner are celebrating two "sporty" acquisition successes within a few weeks. In Leipzig and Dresden we will build two sports halls for local schools.

Robert-Schumann-Gymnasium Leipzig, Two-court sports hall
Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Sina Bachmann (project management), Jenny Rauschdorf, Tobias Maschke

113. Grundschule, Dresden, Two-court sports hall and outdoor sports facilities
Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Stefanie Birke, Dorett Kockisch, Fatima Liebe, Diana Meyer, Anke Schmidt, Sibylle Stiehler, Mark Ullrich

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Dresden Zoological Garden, Germany
Penguin Café

Opening ceremony 28 march 2018

The Penguin Café in the Dresden Zoo opened a little earlier than planned. The cafe got its name from the immediate vicinity of the penguin enclosure, which can be watched from the café's terrace. The basic idea of the architecture is the association with the habitat of penguins made of rocks and ice floes. The design model for the cantilevered roof is a huge ice floe, which is supported by rocks.

Heinle, Wischer and Partner has a lot of experience in planning and building zoological gardens. References of the office are for example the giraffe house in the Dresden Zoo, the Aquazoo in Dusseldorf or the lemur plant in the Erfurt Zoo.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Steffen Thombansen (project management), Monique Schott, Armin Pommerencke

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"The Centre of Medical Simulation. Change in the Didactics of the Medical University Wroclaw"
Lecture by Anna Stryszewska-Słońska

March 23, 2018
Targi Budownictwa i Kamieniarstwa TARBUD (Building Fair) in the Centennial Hall Wroclaw
Lecture series of the Chamber of Engineers Lower Silesia, Session I - Special Objects, Interesting Buildings

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Philipps University of Marburg, Germany
Main Library

From 19 March 2018 on, the library will be available for the users. The official opening will follow on 30 April 2018.

As a construction of the century, the project was designated at the laying of the foundation stone. Between the Elisabeth church, the historic botanical garden and the medieval city centre, 1,250 modern workplaces maintain the liveliness of the city and bring science back to the city centre. During ongoing operation, 3.2 million media with an estimated total length of approx. 55 km were put on the shelves in recent weeks. The new library costs 120 million EUR and offers study terraces, and cabins, team lounges and reading zones. Through the spherical curved glass roof in the atrium is a new visual networking with the idyllic environment for all Marburg citizens and users created.

sinning architekten, Darmstadt

ARGE Uni-Bibliothek Marburg
sinning architekten Darmstadt,
Heinle Wischer und Partner
Freie Architekten

Team: Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Tobias Maschke (project management), Sibylle Stiehler, Tim Arnhold, Annette Fiebig, Esther Güthoff-Pille, Doris Krian, René Mikschofsky, Nicole Schuchardt, Kerstin Till u.a.; construction supervision: Florian Fahr, Ingo Leypold, Yorck Rentsch, Mehmet Coskun, Gerhard Wack u.a.

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Housing in Bavaria 1918 | 2018

15 March till 21 May 2018, Architekturmuseum der TU München in the Pinakothek der Moderne

The exhibition will address the ways in which concepts of space and architectural solutions reflect specific living conditions. By looking at a range of building styles – from detached homes to small housing estates and low-rise "Zeilenbau" developments, through to large-scale housing estates – light is shed not just on urban development, but also on the more rural regions of Bavaria.

Our office is represented with the following project

Olympic Village, Munich, Germany

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Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Researchbuilding THINK - Zentrum für theoretische und integrative Neuro- und Kognitionswissenschaft (Centre for theoretical and integrative Neuro and Cognitive Science)
Contract awarded

The research centre is being built in the development area of the former Opel factory in Bochum. The theoretical and experimental research of human thought requires i.a. large imaging equipment (live cell imaging and multiphoton microscopes, MRI), laboratories and a data centre.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Lea Bradasevic

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Małopolska Science Center, Krakau, Poland
Competition 1st Prize, decision of the jury 17 february 2018

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Dominika Niewczas, Tomasz Padło, Małgorzata Oleśkowska, Joanna Pittner, Katarzyna Woszczyna

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wbg - housing association Nuremberg
New Nursing Home Salzbrunner Straße
Competition 1st Prize, decision of the jury 8 February 2018

Team: Markus Kill (Partner in charge), Dr. Pablo Allen-Vizan, Hendrik Potthoff

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7 December 2017 - 30 April 2018

The exhibition, which was developed in collaboration with the Madrid Chamber of Architects (COAM), shows 14 selected, realized projects in public space that exemplify the younger urban development of the two metropolises.
Location: Architektenkammer Berlin, Alte Jakobstraße 149, 10969 Berlin
Opening hours: Monday till Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm, Friday: 9 am - 3 pm

Our office is represented with the following project:
Topography of Terror, Berlin
Documentation and Visitor Centre and Presentation of the Historic Property

Landscape architect: Prof. Heinz W. Hallmann


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Ulm University
Centre for Quantum Biosciences
Topping out ceremony at 27 November 2017

From the beginning of 2019, around 115 researchers from the fields of physics, chemistry and molecular medicine will work in the four-storey research centre. They will collaborate on an interdisciplinary basis with quantum technological approaches. The new building offers around 2800 m² of laboratory and office space. In the basement special spring-mounted laboratories for measuring technology in the nanoscale are created.

Team: Till Behnke (Partner in charge), Susanne Kern (project management), Elke Fichter, Ruth Herrmann, Wolfgang Pfisterer, Tugba Sezer

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“Landhaus Am Rupenhorn” Berlin
Historic Preservation and Restoration to Original Condition of 1930s
Federal Award for Craft in the Preservation of Monuments, 1st prize

The Landhaus, a masterpiece of the New Objectivity by the brothers Luckhardt and Alfons Anker, was thoroughly renovated by our office between 1991 and 2011. The façade and interiors have been restored to historical standards. The owners and clients were the couple Prof Robert Wischer † and Dr Christa Kliemke.

The award, donated by the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Foundation for Monument Protection) together with the Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks (Central Association of German Craft), is awarded to private owners who have made outstanding contributions to the preservation of their monument in cooperation with local crafts.

In addition to the owner, the following craft enterprises were awarded for their work on the monument:
Metallbau Frank Noack
Elektroinstallation N. Kleiner
Steinmetz Krieger GmbH & Co. KG
Matthias Boehlke Malerei & Restaurierung
Erwin Jahns Glasbau GmbH

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Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine Berlin-Buch
New building Optical Imaging Center - OIC
Contract awarded

The new research facility for the research and development of high-resolution light microscopes will be built on the campus site in the north of Berlin, in close proximity to the other research buildings of the Max Delbrück Center.
Floor area 1.825 m² | building costs ca. 14,1 Mio. €

Team: Dr. Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Jan Giesen, Heinrich Huber, Marina Martinez Sanchis

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University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg
Admittance in the monument list of the city of Hamburg as an ensemble monument

Partner in charge: Prof. Robert Wischer
Planning and building time: 1973-1978

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Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, Düsseldorf
Reconstruction and restoration
Opening on 22 September 2017

The Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum is one of the twenty largest zoological institutions in Germany with a unique interlinking of the zoo, the aquarium and the natural science museum. The building holds a high technical complexity and has been renovated with continued animal husbandry. The pools of turtle, penguin and co. are now up to date.

Team: Jens Krauße und Thomas Heinle (Partner in charge), Thomas Gräning (project management), Steffen Thombansen, Anke Mierisch, construction supervison: Wolfgang Frey, Gülay Atlay Kiliclar

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Claudius-Höfe Bochum
Integrative Multigenerational Living
State prize for Architecture, Housing and Urban Development in North Rhine-Westphalia 2017, "Good Building in Publicly Supported Housing Construction", prize winner

Project team: Edzard Schultz (partner in charge), Sibylle Stiehler (project management), Tobias Maschke (project manager: construction administration), Jan Giesen, Esther Güthoff, Roman Jonda, Dorett Kockisch, Kerstin Maschke, Anke Mierisch, Armin Pommerencke, Monique Schott, Anna Stryszewska-Slonska, Kerstin Till, etc.

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Dresden Zoological Garden
Penguin Café ("Pinguincafé")

Topping out ceremony at 27 September 2017

Located next to the Humboldt penguin compound, the Penguin café is a popular attraction in the Dresden Zoo. The new building replaces a modular building from the 1970s. Its design and the curved ground plan are inspired by the namesake animals and their environment of rock and ice.

Team: Jens Krauße (Partner in charge), Steffen Thombansen (project management), Armin Pommerencke, Monique Schott

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Rüdersdorf near Berlin
Neighborhood square and school extension Heinitz-Gymnasium
Competition 2nd Prize, decision of the jury 5 September 2017

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Lea Bradasevic

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Technische Universität Berlin
New institute of mathematics and interdisciplinary centre for modeling and simulation (IMoS)
Competition 2nd prize, decision of the jury 11 September 2017

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Alekandra Shulevska, Eleonora Popovska, André Wollmann, Heinrich Huber, Iva Kolak

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HafenCity Hamburg
New prevention centre for statutory accident insurance institutions
Competition 2nd Prize, decision of the jury 25 August 2017

Team: Christian Pelzeter (Partner in charge), Jan Giesen, André Wollmann, Lea Bradasevic

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Erwin Heinle Best Of - Between High Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea
Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Freie Architekten invite you to a lecture event with an exhibition opening at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Erwin Heinle.

Various speakers and companions from the field of architecture and art present Erwin Heinle's role as architect, teacher and partner of the office, discuss selected projects and explain his methodological approaches and work. An accompanying exhibition reveals unpublished works from the archives and deals with the connection between Erwin Heinles's life and his works.

A participation in the event on September 8, 2017 from 3 to 7 pm is possible with prior registration at The exhibition is open until 16 September 2017 at the State Academy of Fine Arts.

The lectures and the exhibition will be in German.

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School Centre Erftstadt-Lechenic, Germany
Development and Restoration

Competition 1st Prize, decision of the jury 12 June 2017

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Aleksandra Shulevska, Marta Bruschy, Barbara Schott, Jan Giesen

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Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, new laboratory building
Competition 3rd Prize, decision of the Jury 3rd August 2017

Team: Dr. Alexander Gyalokay (Partner in charge), Marta Bruschy, Jan Giesen, Heinrich Huber, Nuno Moreira

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Dresden University of Technology
Institute for Applied Photophysics
Iconic Awards 2017, Winner, Category Architecture

The Iconic Awards are awarded by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag. Under the motto "The whole world of architecture", the competition focuses on the elementary importance of the interplay of individual trades.

Team: Jens Krauße, Thomas Heinle (partner in charge), Steffen Thombansen (project management), Thomas Gräning, Armin Pommerencke, Monique Schott, Anna Busch, Anke Mierisch

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Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin-Reinickendorf, Renovation and Expansion Patient Bed Tower and Intensive Care Unit
Foundation stone ceremony at 18 July 2017

The new bed tower will offer a department for neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation with 40 beds as a private patient suite. The interdisciplinary intensive care unit with 37 beds is located on the first floor. For this large intensive care unit, a clustering has been developed that allows coherent insulation: a 2-bed room and a single bed are supplied by a common lock. The therapy rooms with exercise-treatment pools on the ground floor are supplemented by smaller therapy rooms on the ward.

Team: Edzard Schultz (Partner in charge), Barbara Schott, Jessica Kempe, Anke Mierisch, Clara Llorente-Carretero, Annette Dörr, Andrea Jütten, Anja Weinreich, Dorothea Rometzki

Photo (left to right): Dr. Andreas Schmitt (Geschäftsführender Direktor Vivantes Region Nord), Dr. Eibo Krahmer (Vivantes Geschäftsführung Finanzmanagement, Infrastruktur und Digitalisierung), Dilek Kolat (Senatorin für Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung), Dr. Andrea Grebe, M. san. (Vorsitzende der Vivantes Geschäftsführung), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Adam (Vivantes Ärztlicher Direktor des Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikums), Dr. Margaretha Sudhof (Staatssekretärin der Senatsverwaltung für Finanzen)
© Vivantes / Werner Popp.

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